Blood Prince Council (10-man)

My guild attempted the Blood Prince Council for the first time last night on 10-man. The fight is fairly chaotic and does require a large degree of coordination between everyone. Think of the Illidari Council in Black Temple for a comparable fight.

The Blood Prince Council consists of 3 Blood Princes with a shared health pool of 5.62m and a 10 minute enrage timer.
• Prince Valanar
• Prince Taldaram
• Prince Keleseth

Raid composition:
2 or 3 Tanks – Prince Valanar and Taldaram can be tanked together if your tank is geared enough and your healer can keep up with the damage. We tried 2 tanks to start but our tank healer was struggling to keep up with the damage. On our 2nd attempt we went with 3 tanks which worked a lot better. Pally tank each on Valanar and Taldaram and a Hunter on Keleseth.
2 – 3 Healers – The raid will take some damage which is easily healable. But there is a lot of spike damage on the tanks.
4 – 6 DPS

The trick to this fight is that only one of the princes can be damaged at a time.

During the fight, one prince at a time will be buffed with Invocation of Blood. The other 2 princes will show up as having 1 HP and cannot be damaged. Invocation of blood (and the health bar) switches between princes throughout the encounter and DPS must switch with it. Prince Valanar will be the first prince with Invocation of Blood.

Each prince has his own set of unique abilities:

  • Valanar – Physical damage;
  • Taldram – Fire damage and needs to stay faced away from the raid;
  • Keleseth – Shadow damage and needs to be range tanked.

When a prince receives Invocation of Blood they will receive an extra strong empowered ability that will one-shot or wipe a raid if not dealt with accordingly.

Prince Valanar has 3 abilities he uses.
Kinetic Bomb – DPS need to attack the bombs to lift them higher into the air. If a Kinetic Bomb reaches the floor it explodes doing 12k physical damage to every player in the room, knocking them back 200 yards. You will almost always lose a tank at this point. We found it better to assign 1 or 2 ranged DPS to this duty and use a target macro “/tar Kinetic Bomb”
Shock Vortex – This will be cast on a random raid member. It will do 5k damage to anyone within 12 yards and knock them back 50 yards.
Empowered Shock Vortex – When he gains Invocation of Blood he casts Empowered Shock Vortex. This places a Shock Vortex on every player within 30 yards. It will do 5k damage to everyone within 12 yards. Melee must scatter more than 12 yards away from each other to ensure they don’t

Prince Taldram must be tanked facing away from the raid. He casts Glittering Sparks in a frontal cone that does 14,820 damage over 8 seconds.
Conjure Flame is a ball of flame that follows a random raid member. The longer it is kited the less damage it will do but it will still do a minimum of 10k fire damage when it hits.
Conjure Empowered Flame is the one to watch out for. It will follow a random raid member as well but do a huge amount of damage on impact. While the ball is in flight, the other raid members need to get near the ball so that it shoots smaller fireballs at them. This weakens the ball so that it does less damage to the person it hits.

Prince Keleseth needs to be range tanked. The trick to this prince is to be mobile, stay out of melee range and collect Dark Nucleii. Certain strats are recommending a Warlock to tank him. We used a hunter and found it worked fine. However he will try to melee (70k hit) whoever is tanking him. But staying out of melee range is quite easy. He will run towards you for a bit, and then stop to cast Shadow Lance (1.5s cast), run, stop, run, stop etc.

Empowered Shadow Lance is the nasty one that does approx 85k+ shadow damage. Ouch! The only way to survive that attack is by collecting Dark Nucleii (floating balls). Each Dark Nucleii you collect will buff you with Shadow Resonance reducing shadow damage by 35% until cancelled. Dark Nucleii will follow whoever did damage to them last (so if you aren’t tanking don’t hit them). The more you collect the less shadow damage you will receive. Keep in mind though that the damage reduction is multiplicative not additive. You will need to keep moving to find more Nucleii to keep the buff up as they will destroy themselves over time. Also be careful not to kill them.

If you have any comments or better ideas for this fight please leave them below.

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