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Guild update

January 29, 2010 Leave a comment

My guild is currently ramping up to start running 25’s, however in the interim we have split into two 10-man raiding teams.

  • Channel Four News Team
  • The Insidiots (my team)

Both teams are working their way through ICC, with the Lower Spire on farm and the Plagueworks and Crimson Halls causing some difficulty.

Being a 10-man raiding guild in active recruitment has meant that we are constantly rotating DPS to give everyone an opportunity. This has meant that gearing up is taking a bit longer than a stable 10-man in similar circumstances.

The Channel Four News team were able to down Festergut about 3 weeks ago, however my raiding team, the Insidiots, were having some difficulty in the Plagueworks as our raid DPS was not quite there. Last week we skipped the Plagueworks to try out the newly opened Crimson Halls. Where we spent a fruitless night against the Blood Prince Council.

Last night we decided to head back to the Plagueworks, specifically Festergut. After a few tries where we just weren’t spreading out enough (Vile Gas is nasty) we finally downed him quite easily, on what was to be our last attempt for the night. It’s amazing what a bit of motivation can do!

We will be having our continuation on Sunday night where we plan on downing Rotface.

Good job Insidiots!

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