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Addon – Elitist Group

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment
I don’t normally suggest rating addons (eg. gearscore) as I don’t like them. However Shadowed of SUF fame has released a new addon that is getting a lot of the limelight at the moment. And for good reason.

Elitist Group

Here is a quick summary of what it does along with 3 reviews done by respected WoW bloggers.

Elitist Group provides a snapshot of:

  • Gear with ilevel. If the gear is not appropriate for your spec it will be red flagged as well (eg. DPS spec wearing tanking legs)
  • Augments (Enchants, gems etc.). Will once again red flag if incorrectly gemmed or enchanted (eg. +SP gem for a hunter)
  • Spec
  • Suggested dungeons/raids their gear, spec and augments would enable them to complete
  • Lists your completed instances and achievements
  • You can save notes about players for future reference (eg. fantastic healer, doesn’t move out of fire, DPS 6k+, Dual specced etc.)

And you can sync your mains experience so other Elitist Group users can see that despite the fact that your alt hasn’t done a dungeon/raid yet, your main has. This is one I like!

The best selling point is you can completely disable/restrict communications and no communications are sent while in combat.

Quote from Shadowed:
“..the majority of the communications are user initiated. It’s not like Gearscore was where it syncs users data automatically and without asking both parties.The two parts that are automated are the note requests when joining a new dungeon (only happens once per zone in, can be disabled) and people sending a request for your main data (hard throttled at once/hour so people won’t spam you with requests).

Pretty much everything is sent over whisper channels so you’ll see very little data that you aren’t directly involved in either sending, or somebody wants it from you.”

I have my fingers crossed that more Raid Leaders will start to use this addon to give a more comprehensive picture then just relying on GearScore.

More details, screenshots and reviews:

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