Icecrown Citadel Weekly Raid Quests

These quests are specific to the Icecrown Citadel raid dungeon and do not correspond with the standard random raid weekly quest offered in Dalaran.

One of five quests will be randomly available each week in both 10- and 25-player versions of the dungeon. This means each player has the opportunity to complete two Icecrown Citadel raid weekly quests each week if the dungeon is run in both versions, however, these quests have to be completed within the raid version (10- or 25-player) in which they are offered.

If a player obtains one of these quests but does not complete it that week, the quest will automatically be removed from the player’s Quest Log the next time Lord Marrowgar is defeated under a new raid ID, or when zoning into an instance with a new raid ID where Lord Marrowgar has already been defeated. This only applies if the random raid weekly offered when the player enters a fresh Icecrown Citadel raid instance happens to be different from the one already in his or her Quest Log. Players can otherwise simultaneously have both the 10- and 25-player raid weekly quests in their Quest Logs and complete either of them at any time during the week in their respective raid versions. The quests given each week in 10- and 25-player versions of Icecrown Citadel will be randomly determined once Lord Morrowgar is killed, or once a player zones into an instance where Lord Morrowgar has already been killed.

Each quest will reward 350 rep, gold and a Sack of Frosty Treasures. Each sack will contain:

  • 5 Emblems of Frost
  • Gold
  • You also have a chance to find an Uncut Epic Gem or ilevel 264 BoE

The quests by location are as follows:

Lower Spire

  • Deprogramming
  • Securing the Ramparts


  • Residue Rendezvous

Crimson Halls

  • Blood Quickening

Frostwing Halls

  • Respite for a Tormented Soul

Now onto the details for obtaining and completing the quests:


Quest Giver: Rogue named Infiltrator Minchar outside of Lady Deathwhisper’s chamber (Oratory of the Damned)

Objective: Darnavan is a warrior that has been brainwashed by Lady Deathwhisper. Defeat Lady Deathwhisper while ensuring that Darnavan survives

Darnavan spawns in place of one of the fanatics during the Lady Deathwisper encounter. He has 160k health in 10-man (250k in 25-man).

He is immune to crowd control (eg. mind controlled, polymorph, ice trap, any hunter traps), but he can be tanked, kited or snared (eg. Entangling Roots, Chains of Ice).

Apart from auto-attack he uses 4 abilities:

  1. Whirlwind
  2. Mortal Strike – 50% less healing
  3. Overpower
  4. Sunder Armor (20% is my understanding)

Your options are:

  • Tank him to the side with a hunter or lock pet (or any plate wearer really but DPS will suffer)
  • Kited around by a Druid, DK or tank

You need to keep him alive, so limit damage done and assign a healer to heal him. Druid HoT’s work well to keep him up.

Securing the Ramparts

Quest Giver: After killing Lady Deathwhisper and taking the elevator platform up to the ramparts, an NPC will request your help.

Objective: Slay the Rotting Frost Giant

Keep moving around the Ramparts clearing trash until you see a large Frost Giant patrolling the back of the spire (northern corner).

Split into pairs, with each pair more than 10 yards apart. Every 20seconds the Frost Giant will cast Death Plague on a random player.

Death Plague will do 8,000 nature damage after 15 seconds and infect all players within 8 yards. If it is unable to spread to another player it will kill its host.

The Frost Giant also has a knockback ability that will knock everyone back 20yards.

Return to the quest giver to hand in the quest and receive your reward.

Residue Rendezvous

Quest Giver: After killing Saurfang, you will meet Alchemist Adrianna after moving further into the citadel.

Objective: Become infected by both a Green Residue from Rotface and an Orange Residue from Festergut. While infected with both residues, at least one player from the raid must speak with Alchemist Adrianna in order for everyone in the group to receive credit.

  • The Orange Blight debuff is obtained from Gaseus Blight during the Festergut fight
  • The Green Bligh debuff is obtained from Rotface by taking one tick of slime spray

Both debuffs must still be active when handing in the quest (30min duration). Dying will remove the debuff. However, you only need one person in the raid to get both debuffs for the entire raid to receive credit when handing it in.

If you can’t down Rotface (or Festergut), you can still complete this quest as follows:

  1. Kill Festergut (or wait till hunter receives debuff, wipe, except hunter who feigns death)
  2. Pull Rotface as normal
  3. Wait for hunter to receive debuff
  4. Everyone else wipes, except hunter who feigns death
  5. Hunter hands in quest after Rotface has de-spawned

Alternatively you just need someone to stay alive for the completion of both fights.

Note: Kill both Stinky and Precious before doing either of the bosses. You can’t get quest once either boss has been started.

Blood Quickening

Quest Giver: Outside the Crimson Halls, Alrin the Agile will request your help to rescue Infiltrator Minchar.

Objective: Rescue Infiltrator Minchar before he is executed.

Infiltrator Minchar is located in the room with the Blood Queen.

You have 20 minutes (30 minutes in 25-man) from when you first enter the wing to clear all trash, down the Blood Princes and pull Blood Queen Lanathel to succeed on this quest. You don’t actually need to kill the Queen to complete quest.

Respite for a Tormented Soul

Quest Giver: After you free Valithria Dreamwalker she will offer you a quest and provide each player with a Pulsating Life Crystal.

Objective: Use the Life Crystals to preserve Sindragosa’s Essence.

Members of the raid who use these crystals on Sindragosa when she is below 20% health will slowly stack on her the Life Infusion debuff.

It requires someone to stand in LoS of Sindragosa for 30 seconds (channelled spell) during the 3rd phase of the fight.

Reaching 30 stacks (10-player) or 75 stacks (25-player) of Life Infusion before she dies will provide the frost wyrm with an aura of Soul Preservation. If your group manages to give Sindragosa this aura before killing her, a quest item can be obtained from her remains to complete Valithria’s task.

Please leave any comments or suggestions in the comments below.

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