Lower Spire (10-man)

Feel free to take my idea and modify for your own use.

Any issues please post them in the comments below.

Lord Marrowgar

MT Lord Marrowgar
OT Lord Marrowgar
Ranged DPS Target Bone Spike when up, then Lord Marrowgar.
Melee DPS Lord Marrowgar
  • Assign one healer to each/both tank/s and a raid healer on the raid;
  • Heal whoever is spiked and any DPS who fail to move out of the blue flames/hit by bone storm;
  • Watch out for Bone Spike on each other and be ready to pick up the slack on their healing assignment.

RL Notes

  • Stay out of the blue flames (Cold Flames);
  • Move away from Bone Storm and stay in range of a healer;
  • Wait until tanks have picked up threat after Bone Storm before restarting DPS on the boss;
  • Heroism after the first Bone Storm.

Lady Deathwhisper

Phase 1

MT Adherants
OT Fanatics
DPS Priority kill order:

  • Empowered Adherants – Ranged only;
  • Deformed Fanatics – Ranged only and kited;
  • Reanimated Fanatics – Caster DPS only;
  • Reanimated Adherents – Physical DPS only;
  • Adherants – Melee / Ranged;
  • Fanatics – Ranged / Melee.
Healers Cleanse curse ASAP.

RL Notes

  • All adds need to go down fast;
  • Move out of D&D;
  • Cleanse or spellsteal Vampiric Might.

Phase 2

MT Lady Deathwhisper
OT Lady Deathwhisper
Ranged DPS Lady Deathwhisper
Melee DPS Lady Deathwhisper
Healers One/two on tanks, one on raid.

RL Notes

  • Threat reset at start of phase 2. No DPS until Tanks have picked up;
  • Tanks taunt at 3 stacks of Touch of Insignificance;
  • Interrupt Frostbolt;
  • Heroism during Phase 2;
  • Kite Vengeful Spirits away from raid until they disappear;
  • Move out of D&D.


Offensive tea
  • Two melee to man the guns. Target the axethrowers when firing;
  • One tank, all melee and one or two healer/s to jetpack over when Battle Mage/Sorceror freezes the cannons;
  • Tank to keep Saurfang/Muradin busy while DPS kill the Battle Mage/Sorceror and any of the axethrowers/rocket teams they have time for;
  • Once Battle Mage/Sorceror is dead, jetpack back to own ship and start pounding the ship again with the guns.
Defensive team
  • Tank to pick up the boarding party;
  • Remaining DPS (preferably ranged);
  • Ranged DPS to kill the boarding party > rocket teams/axe throwers;
  • Boarding party is first priority as they will receive additional buffs the longer they are alive.

RL Notes

  • Equip Jetpack before we begin;
  • Move out of rocket target patches.

Deathbringer Saurfang

MT Deathbringer Saurfang. Taunt off when other tank receives Rune of Blood.
OT Deathbringer Saurfang. Taunt off when other tank receives Rune of Blood.
Melee DPS Deathbringer Saurfang. Death Knights can use Chains of Ice on Blood Beasts.
Ranged DPS CC and burn down Blood Beasts then Saurfang.

  • Stay more than 12 yards apart;
  • Hunters can lay frost traps;
  • Shamans can use Earthbind totem and Thunderstorm;
  • Moonkin can use Entangling Roots and Typhoon;
  • Mages can use Frost Nova.
  • Use 2 healers – one on the Tanks and one on tank/raid;
  • Use Disc Priest to shield whoever receives Boiling Blood;
  • Tank healer can stand with melee dps.

RL Notes

  • Blood Beasts need to go down fast. Keep them out of melee range;
  • No AOE while Blood Beasts are out;
  • Heroism at 30% when Saurfang will Frenzy;
  • Following abilities will reduce damage from Mark of the Fallen Champion – Feint, Divine Shield, Ice Block, Hand of Protection, Power Word: Shield;
  • Do not battle rez any player killed with the mark and do not reincarnate/use soulstone if you have the mark.
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