Deathbringer Saurfang (10-man)

Deathbringer Saurfang (10-man)

8,785,000 health

Deathbringer Saurfang is the final boss for the Lower Spire wing.

The way to win this fight is to stop Saurfang from receiving Blood Power (BP) by mitigating his abilities and controlling the Blood Beasts.

Blood Power – Increases Saurfang’s damage and size by 1% for each point of Blood Power he has.

Boiling Blood – Cast on a random target. Inflicts 5000 physical damage every 3 seconds for 24 seconds. Saurfang receives 1 BP per tick or 8 BP over the full 24 second duration.

Blood Nova – Inflicts 7,600 to 8,400 Physical damage to a random target and all players within 12 yards. Saurfang receives 2 BP per player hit. As long as you have 3 players out of melee range, Blood Nova will only target a ranged player.

Frenzy – Increases Saurfang’s attack speed by 30% and size by 20%. Used when Saurfang reaches 30% health.

Call Blood Beasts – Summons 2 Blood Beasts every 30 seconds. Saurfang will receive 3 BP for every melee hit. Blood Beasts have 95% resistance to AoE effects and 70% resistance to diseases.

Rune of Blood – Cast on current target. Saurfang’s melee attacks against this target will leech 5,100 to 6,900 health from them and heal Saurfang for 10 times that amount. Lasts 20 seconds. 1 BP is gained per successful melee hit by Deathbringer.

Mark of the Fallen Champion – Cast when Saurfang reaches 100 Blood Power. Causes Saurfang’s melee attacks to hit the marked target (+4,275 to 4,725 additional damage) as well as the tank. If a marked player dies while the mark is up, Saurfang heals for 5% of his maximum health (439,250). 1 BP is gained whenever the marked target receives damage from Saurfang.

This is a one phase encounter.

How to tank it

Tank Saurfang where he spawns at the top of the steps.

Tanks need to stack as much avoidance as they can for this fight. If the tank is missed then no damage or BP is received. If the tanks have an avoidance gear set I would highly suggest wearing it over a mitigation/stamina set.

Avoid using multi-target abilities (eg. Consecrate, Heart Strike, Hammer of the Righteous, Divine Storm) during the Blood Beast spawn window. Normal AoE effects are fine as the Blood Beasts have 95% resistance.

Taunt off the current tank when he/she receives the Rune of Blood as follows:
(1) Tank 1 pulls
(2) Saurfang casts Rune of Blood on Tank 1
(3) Tank 2 taunts & tanks Saurfang for duration of Rune of Blood (20s)
(4) Saurfang casts Rune of Blood on Tank 2
(5) Tank 1 taunts… rinse and repeat

Use defensive cooldowns, healing potions, lock candy when he casts Frenzy at 30%

How to Melee DPS it
Melee DPS stack behind Saurfang for the entire fight and maximise DPS. The only issue would be if your raid is melee stacked and you don’t have enough ranged to down the Blood Beasts.

Avoid using multi-target abilities during the Blood Beast spawn window.

How to Ranged DPS it
At all times, ranged DPS are to stay more than 12 yards apart. This will limit Saurfang to only 2 Blood Power for each Blood Nova.

Don’t let the Blood Beasts get within melee range. Kite and DPS the Blood Beasts before they have an opportunity to hit anyone. Only single-target DPS is effective.

Blood Beasts can be rooted, snared, knocked back or stunned (eg. Frost Traps, Earthbind Totems, Thunderstorm, Frost Nova, Desecration, Chains of Ice, Entangling Roots, Typhoon etc.)

Keep pets in melee range at all times

How to Heal it
Add the following debuffs to your raid frames

  • Boiling Blood
  • Rune of Blood
  • Mark of the Fallen Champion

Only use 2 healers for increased DPS.

Only one tank will be taking damage at any one time. Focus heals on whoever doesn’t have Rune of Blood.

Extra heals required for Boiling Blood. Disc Priests are uber for this encounter. Power Word: Shield will stop Saurfang from receiving any BP from Boiling Blood. Use this as often as possible on whoever receives Boiling Blood.

Top-up whoever is hit by Blood Nova.

Huge heals required on whoever has Mark of the Fallen Champion to keep them alive. Alternatively, if you have enough DPS you can let them die and just burn through the extra health.


  • The following abilities will reduce damage from Mark of the Fallen Champion – Feint, Divine Shield, Ice Block, Hand of Protection, Power Word: Shield.
  • Heroism/Blood Lust at 30% when Saurfang will Frenzy;
  • Players retain the Mark of the Fallen Champion debuff through death. Don’t Battle Rez, Soulstone or Reincarnate anyone with the mark.
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