A World of Warcraft (WoW) blog focused on playing the game at level 80.

So expect to read about raiding, heroics, add-ons, healing, DPS and tanking. You may see a few class specific articles focused on Druids and Death Knights but in general I’ll leave them to the class specific sites like Restokin. The only area I don’t plan on writing about is PvP.

I’ve never been particularly good at maths. So theorycrafting is not really my thing. I will leave calculations about which gear, talents and rotations will maximise your DPS to the experts at Elitist Jerks.

I do have a fascination with boss strats and add-ons. I’m always tinkering with my UI.

I live in Brisbane, Australia and have been playing WoW since 2006 with Burning Crusade. My first and current main toon was my druid which I leveled most of the way to 70 on Barthilas. By the time I was in my early 60’s I transferred across to Nagrand to play with some RL friends. I’ve been there ever since.

I have two level 80 toons that I currently raid with on the Nagrand server as part of Insidious:

  • Ramfell – Level 80 Night Elf Druid dual-specced Resto/Moonkin
  • Runeram – Level 80 Gnome Death Knight dual-specced Frost Tank/Blood DPS

I also have the following lower level toons which I will get around to leveling one day.

  • Level 51 Hunter
  • Level 38 Warlock
  • Level 12 Paladin
  • Level 12 Priest
  • Level 11 Mage
  • Level 8 Rogue
  • Level 7 Shaman
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